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Founder's story

Yogendar kumar is the president and CEO of the company. He has already given his services in the banking sector as well as marketing of products on the basis of network marketing, in which he has set up new dimensions, he is native of Meerut District of Uttar Pradesh and his parents and wife and two Living with the children are currently working in these e-services, they are known as a good honest, hardworking and helpful person. Mr. academic graduate their specialty expertise in product development, project management, team building and motivational entrepreneurship. He is a recognized specialist in the direct sales industry. He has created a sales organization of thousands of people spread across the region. Together, they have more than 10 years of experience in combined experience in e-services and direct sales. Using your own experience, using your four friends, specializing in your areas, Skytr Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd established in 30 October 2018.

Company establishment story

Yogendar Kumar and his colleagues have been working product marketing since the year 2010 through networking, as well as keeping in mind the needs of the present, such as e Services, Production, Software, Mobile Overlets, Clothing, Vegetable Storage Unit, Taking advantage of this experience, he has collaborated with his four companions Skytr Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Established the company and adopted this goal to reach out to more and more people in this experience, to strengthen their financial status and to give new dimensions to our dreams.

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