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China Desk

China Desk

China Desk

China is Australia's largest trading partner and its emerging middle class and potential for economic reform promises great opportunities to strengthen our business and cultural ties.
[Our MAI, website will also be in Chinese.]

In response to the growing China property investment MAI has stepped up the pace on servicing the fast growing group of Asian buyers looking to invest in Australian property with the launch of their buyers agent China desk.

China desk will provide various services to all Chinese buyers including basic translation of property information, explanation of property types and areas, the buying process as well as connecting these buyers with a range of Chinese speaking services that will facilitate their acquisition.

To effectively service the large influx of buyers from China and Asia we felt it was essential to provide a dedicated point of contact, so that we were better able to bridge language and cultural gaps. We want to accommodate their needs and provide them with the same level of confidence they would have buying or selling in their own country.

Ultimately we aim to deliver an additional benefit to our local vendors by streamlining our contract with Asian buyers who have demonstrated their enthusiasm for Australian real estate assets.

The China desk will be headed by Charles Wong, a fluent Mandarin speaker who has worked in real estate for more than six years.

Charles will be listed as our China specialist on internet and marketing collateral and will be able to assist non English speaking clients on all aspects of buying and selling. He will be able to refer them to specialists for advice on regulations relating to foreign investment. If need be, he will escort them to property inspections and auctions so they are comfortable with the process. He will be much more than a translator.

Mr Wong will provide assistance to Chinese clients in locating properties that match their requirements.

Our ethos has always been to deliver a six star professional real estate experience and we are introducing the MAI China desk to ensure that our company also exceeds the expectations of Asian buyers.

Language is the most obvious barrier but there are others. Some buyers are living in Australia, others in the process of migrating here while offshore there are wealthy individuals looking for a good stable environment in the region to diversify their investments.

The process of transacting property in Australia is somewhat different to other countries and we want potential buyers to feel confident that they are receiving the best possible advice. With our strength across the network, extensive market knowledge and a dedicated Asia specialist we can help smooth the process.

All marketing material for property data will also be in Chinese.